3 Cleaning Tips for Your Septic Tank From a Septic Tank Cleaning Expert

Keeping the Septic Tank Clean and Well-Maintained

Septic tanks are an important part of houses and commercial establishments. They keep the wastewater away from the solid waste, which then goes into the drain. It’s essential to keep the septic tank clean and well-maintained. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a number of problems like the pooling of the water, smell, and clogging problems. There are numerous ways you can keep your septic tank clean and efficient.

Here are some tips on septic tank cleaning for residential areas to help keep your septic tanks in good condition all the time:

Reduce the level of water in the tank.

One of the reasons why septic ranks overflow or become inefficient is because of the excess water. Your tank can only hold so much water at a time, beyond that it cannot function properly. What you need to do is ensure that you don’t use excess water. Start with limiting water usage. Check your toilet faucets and taps if there is water leakage. You can also install low-flowing faucets to control the amount of water you use daily. This will help you keep your septic tank from getting overflowed.

Flush carefully.

Flushing the wrong things down the toilet could clog the tanks and your drains as well. Things like diapers, dental floss, feminine hygiene, Cigarettes, and tissues should never be flushed down the toilet. Some of the chemicals can kill the bacteria in the septic tank that breaks down the garbage in the tank. So be certain that you know what you are flushing down the toilet.

Homemade cleaning agent.

Spoiled buttermilk is one of the best ways to provide your septic tank with the bacteria that are needed to break down the waste in the tank. You can put a liter of spoiled buttermilk in the toilet and flush it down. This is one of the effective methods for septic tank cleaning for residential areas.

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